Don’t panic. About 10 million Americans a year get head lice. For infomation about what head lice is and how it is spread you can visit Healthy Children.

Fortunately, there’s a treatment that will treat the problem. The treatment is NIX® Crème Rinse. NIX can be used safely on children as young as two months of age, and it’s available without a prescription. NIX works but may need repeated applications to prevent re-infestation every two weeks.

 Just follow these simple steps.

 Treat with NIX

  1. Shampoo the child’s hair with a shampoo that doesn’t contain conditioner or crème rinse.
  2. Towel off excess water so that hair isn’t soaking wet.
  3. Shake the bottle of NIX well, then apply enough NIX to soak the hair and cover the scalp. Be sure to apply NIX behind the ear and at the base of the neck. You may need to apply the entire bottle of NIX crème rinse.
  4. Wait a full 20 minutes—but no longer—and then rinse thoroughly with warm water until runs clear. Start timing as soon as all the NIX has been applied.
  5. Comb the child’s hair with the nit comb provided. (Nits are lice eggs that cement themselves to the hair shafts. These eggs must be removed as well as the live lice.) It may be helpful to comb out tangles with your regular comb before using the nit removal comb provided. Often you will need to pick out the nits by hand.
  6. Part the hair into sections. Start at the top of a section and work with one-inch portions of hair at a time. Get the teeth of the comb as close to the scalp as possible, cleaning the comb at regular intervals. When the whole head has been re-combed, recheck the entire head for nits and repeat if necessary.

 Clean Personal Items

  1. All personal headgear (hats, helmets, etc.), scarves, coats, towels, and bed linen should be disinfected by machine washing in hot water and then dried using the hot cycle of a dryer for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Clothing, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals that cannot be washed should be dry-cleaned or sealed in a plastic bag for a period of at least 2 weeks or sprayed with a product specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Personal combs and brushes should be disinfected by soaking in hot water (above 130° F0 for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. All rooms and furniture used by immediate household members who had lice should be thoroughly vacuumed.
  5. Check all other members of the family and treat any other infected members of the household exactly the same way.
  6. One treatment of NIX works in over 95% of all cases. If live lice are seen on the head a week or more after using NIX, a second treatment should be applied.

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