Outside Resources




PALs – Parents Advocate League
CHADD – Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Asthma)
Boston Children’s Hospital


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Parents in a Pinch 617-739-KIDS Trained sitters/emergency or long term.


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Kelly MomResources on breastfeeding Resources on breastfeeding

Coping with Disasters

Helpful site that help children cope with disasters.

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Philadelphia Please Touch Museum Helpful site that help children cope with disasters.
American Academy of Pediatrics - Healthy Children Helpful site that help children cope with disasters.
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Helpful site that help children cope with disasters.

Driving Safety

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Partners For Safe Teen Driving Resources for Safe Driving

Food Allergies

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The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Information, programs and resources related to food allergies

Hot Lines

Website Phone Description
Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222 or 617-232-2120 If you are concerned about your child swallowing a harmful substance
Eastern Massachusetts: Greater Boston Food Bank 617-427-5200 Food assistance
Parents Helping Parents – Parental Stress Line 617-437-0110, 1-800-632-8188 Confidential crisis intervention, information and referrals.
Samaritans 617-247-0220 Suicide prevention


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Healthy Children - Lice Head Lice - What Parents Need to Know
Nit Wits Cambridge based head lice removal salon
The Nit Pickers Lice information and links to nit pickers across the U.S.

Lyme Disease and Ticks

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Centers for Diease Control and Prevention Information on Ticks and tickborne diseases
National Institutes of Health Information on Lyme Disease

Medical Supplies

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Skendarian Apothecary 617-354-5600 Rents Medela breast pumps. Located in Cambridge


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Children’s Museum of Boston Child centered exhibits


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Eat Right : Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Information on nutrition, food safety and recipes
Let’s Move Michelle Obama’s initiative dedicated to solving the problem of obesity. Information on food, nutrition and physical activity.

Parental Education

Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages Maintained by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Offers detailed information on the different stages of your child’s growth and development as well as articles on relevant topics for each stage:

Information on child development stages

Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Prenatal
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages:Baby 0-12 months
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Toddler 1-3 years
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Preschool 3-5 years
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Grade School 5-12 years
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Teen 12-18 years
Healthy Children.org – Ages & Stages: Young Adult 18-21 years
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Positive Parenting Tips
Families First Parenting Programs

PostPartum Support

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PostPartum Support Group The Midwives at Mount Auburn Hospital PostPartum Support Group. Tuesdays, 2-2:30pm, 1st floor classroom, 355 Waverly Oaks Rd, Waltham, Ma

Referral Services

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United Way Information and Referral Service - Dial 2-1-1 1-877-211-MASS (6277). Mass 2-1-1 is the Commonwealth’s dialing code for free and confidential access to health and human services information and referrals on: food, shelter, rent assistance, utility bill assistance, after-school programs, child care, counseling, senior services, disaster relief and more. If you are unable to reach 2-1-1 due to your telephone or cell phone carrier call 1-877-211-MASS (6277).
Child Care Resource Center   Provides Information and referral services for parents seeking child care as well as summer camps.
Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care   Information and referral services for parents seeking childcare.
Mass. Department of Public Health Division for Perinatal, Early Childhood & Special Health Needs, Care Coordination Program   Information on understanding Services for Children & Youth with Special Needs
Family Services 617-523-6400  

School Related

Getting School Ready


Website Description
Scoliosis Information about scoliosis, its causes and treatments

Sports Safety

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Stop Sports Injuries Information about sports Injuries and how to prevent them.


Website Description
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Select the country you will visit from the drop down menu and you will find information on how to prepare for your trip


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Vaccine Education Center – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Up-to-date information about vaccines

Women’s and Children’s Shelters

Website Phone Description
Transition House 617-661-7203 Shelter for battered women and children
DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended) 617-471-1234
Shelter for battered women and children
Casa Myrna Vazquez 617 521-0100 Shelter for battered women and children

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